Long time the blog hasnt been updated but, as usual, we had a lot of work to do. From the new year vacations to Valentine’s Day and Spring Break and Semana Santa Holiday in Mexico, so we need to catch up with some stuff. First off, probably you already noticed the [more...]
We had a hard time saying goodbye to 2023, but here we are trying to make the best now of 2024 already. A lot has happened and we are still trying to keep the lineup together, literally the more we work on the side of women the less we understand [more...]
We had a lot of work to do these past 2 months and with all the energy spent in keeping the lineup together getting the blog done is something that has been lost in the memory. Back now and some stuff to catch up. Besides Halloween, that have become just a [more...]
September is our anniversary month, we are happy that after all these years our beloved clients are still making us feel like this was the first year with lots of new things to learn and lots of messages regarding they having a good time, and of course the beautiful Musas.We [more...]
Trying to take care of everything before our 9th Anniversary, right now we are waiting the news about hurricane Hillary which is said to cause a lot of rain and winds that will cause some trouble around the city because in the third world electricity is not installed as it [more...]
We have been doing a lot to bring you a shit ton of material like always, we increased the amount of material for WhatsApp updates for regular clients and also the photos and videos shown in the Telegram Channel, you can thank buffoons that say we post fake photos, and [more...]
Great month full of hard work and great surprises. As usual now, got some new talent and also some comebacks. We had to move to the purge phase again to maintain the best quality we can in the lineup.  Of course, new talent came. MelodyKellyJinnaIsabelPadme And some still on waiting line.  Melody has even done [more...]
Now that we have some free time after really busy weeks,  remember that the lineup was purged and we are now accepting new talent, and we are very happy with their feedback. Dielca, Georgiana, Anahi, Emily, Alessy, Megan and Yodi. And even some comebacks like Barbie, Fernanda, Irais (who will [more...]
It’s been a long month and also rainy weeks, unfortunately the ladies will have more trouble getting to their dates when rain starts, many try to get there before even the client arrives all this because traffic will delay their plans a lot. As you can see, we made some changes [more...]
Month of love is here now, we also celebrate Day of the Candelaria, who ever got that little toy in the giant Rosca de Reyes, that giant bread with donut form, has to bring some tamales for everyone. Also there is the day of the flag, we remember the ideals [more...]
After december was a month full of celebrations, with Posadas, Noche Buena which we celebrate on December 24 and then Christmas on December 25. Many of you don’t know that as we just have an Aprils fools’ kind of day in December 28 too, and that day everyone is pregnant [more...]
We had some busy weeks but now we are back on track and ready to receive thanksgiving. Mexico is not that much into thanksgiving but since TJ is a border city we have many habits from the US. November is a fun month considering we celebrate both Mexican and American [more...]
 Halloween comes this month and all the women will look for lingerie to use as a costume. Forget about dressing as a terrifying monster, a vampire or the devil and ask for candy on each door you see, now Halloween is full of hot ladies drinking all night long.  Kitty is [more...]
Our anniversary comes this month and we are still trying to figure out how to beat the Water Temple in this famous videogame, Ocarina of Time, we said screw that and back to work having now some more threesome and foursome combinations with some well know Musas. Returning talent is also [more...]
Next weeks will be hard because many of the ladies will go off vacations or will be babysitting for their relatives going out on vacations and everything has been crazy these past weeks. Heck, even one of the Musas lost her mom during their vacations, another one forgot about her [more...]
Finishing a very busy month. As you can see, some very talented and wanted Musas came back and are now again with us. Some new talent also joined, Yaremi and Diana, and no matter, more will come as we need them. Maybe even another model will join, she is one [more...]
Work has been going on and on, and that is what we like and want to do. Hard work always gives good results and that is what we believe in. Right now we have to make some cleanup and talking with some of the ladies some have to go and some [more...]
We decided to try some comebacks, of course the ladies were not planning to return so we had to offer some incentive for them, very popular ladies when they were announced in our lineup, but this is not something we will always do or try constantly. Why? Because this work [more...]
So for the people asking for the link because they were not familiar with the name having a different link now or just want a more simpler website, the old link has never stopped working but now you can just access to a new website with even some more extra [more...]