Mar 16 2023

Make me, make me impressed

It’s been a long month and also rainy weeks, unfortunately the ladies will have more trouble getting to their dates when rain starts, many try to get there before even the client arrives all this because traffic will delay their plans a lot.


As you can see, we made some changes in the lineup and it didn’t grow up larger this time, but we had to took off some of the ladies that were not in the same channel with work, needing responsible ladies here for the community. Some are still on a test, some keep asking over and over again for their work back (heck, some managed to get it back after much of that), and some made a bad move following a bad advice and now they have to wait more to get back in the lineup (Helena will have to be cleverer).


So this is going to be the only the second time we do some recommendations because it was a bit of a work to get the lineup together with great options.


On the good, stuff, focusing on some of the ladies like Reva, Irina and Sandy they are doing a great job on threesomes and there are making a reputation for themselves here, Reva is also very mentioned now in the the forum since members are comparing her to Polly, which is a surprise because in many years only Nikita was on pair with Polly.


Irina and Reva threesome is having amazing feedback, dare to say I would recommend them along with Sandy either solo or threesome/foursome, not a single complain and all has been roses and celebration with their job. Amazing trio they are.


On another duo that are making things great, Melissa and Ana are the busty threesome that many are looking for, even tho Kitty can rival their DDD and she is also beautiful, Ana and Melissa have been making a great effort and going beyond with their service and personality. Ana is a sweetheart and is the favorite for those looking for a romantic and passionate date, and she confessed that she doesn’t like to wear bra or underwear, so her coming in with a tight dress with nothing behind is really a sight to behold.


Melissa on her side, she likes to dress a bit classier when it comes to a long date, her glasses and image make that teacher/librarian look that many want after being tired of that schoolgirl outfit for years, so she is like that coworker you have to get. Conversation is something she likes a lot and can talk about almost anything with her.


Luna would be another passionate busty lady to choose, but she would have to do threesomes with her sis Kitty to challenge Melissa and Ana for the busty threesome queens award.


Those are the combinations we recommend for a good date, we won’t get into much detail with all the ladies from the lineup, we have great options, beautiful and very well reviewed, since our forum has also hundreds of reviews.


Zoe has been getting a lot of requests for the uniform, she had to buy a new one for both her jobs, remember that being a policewoman is not easy and she sometimes needs a lot of time to sleep, her availability has improved quite notably.


Many of you noticed the new model, her look is definitely a head turner and she will get the eyes of everyone, everywhere she goes. She mixes this job with her modeling work so we have to get clear times to get her availability and agenda done, she does some professional photography too and is getting good feedback along with some serious recommendations to get more photos for her profile, this is the only point where she is not fulling the gap completely, more photos to show up she has a great body, and of course you already noticed her afro hair which is impossible not to see, we want more of that in photos and videos.


Speaking of videos, we just uploaded many videos, check them out in each girl profile.


Nadia made her return with new boobs, and she changed a lot and looks even better for those busty lovers, she is still tiny, her small body needed something big or so she felt, so she decided to get those and she is happy with the result. Her service has not changed; it is will great with a nice repeat ratio but will have to get more photos as well. Her profile already has updated photos and videos, one of the few Musas that openly shows her face for everyone. 


Getting on the track again, Maddison will be doing threesomes with Liah soon. Yes, Liah the superstar will return and Maddison is doing threesomes with her and after some great feedback from her recent reviews probably she will get more experience from another superstar and that could be a super combo as well, stay tuned for that one. Liah will come in a few days.


The rest you already know. Daniela is a porn start that will get you closer to that fantasy of being in a porn movie. Sport ladies right now are Kenia, that will updated photos as well because she is getting that ass bigger, and Hazel that likes to go to the gym and play tennis, so you know what to bring them when you see them.


Maddy and cousins Melanie are still doing threesomes, both cat lovers and helping animals to survive with her donations using part of that they earn here.


Other new additions like Valentina, Ambar, Marissa, Camila, Vanessa have some feedback already, which has been good.


All the recommendations and feedback from a ton of clients tells that we have a very solid and good lineup filled with amazing Musas, for all tastes and kind of services too. Prices vary and you can choose from $105 to $150, take what you want to pay for and enjoy because it is hard to maintain prices with such an inflation and the dollar going down, actually you can save some money if you pay in dollars, compared to a lot of years back when everyone recommended you pay in pesos. We will try to keep it this way, but remember the ladies have huge responsibilities which means a lot of bills to pay and family to help along with their personal stuff. Remember in a third world country things are way different, the prices for everything go up but never go back down again so inflation is like a permanent thing that only goes up and up. Newton would die again if he sees that.


Have a great week, full of health and amazing trips to TJ!

Monchis: 2023-03-16 02:44:33
Reva is amazing, comparing her to Polly is a big deal but she is worth it good english too
kuennuekdae: 2023-03-16 17:51:18
For those of you who think Musas is expensive, think about this: If I see Suzy in my hometown for an hour at the same price of an all-nighter (TLN) with a Musa. How many Musas can I see for the same price of an all-nighter with Suzy? Do the math.
Monerick: 2023-03-16 20:13:51
Depending on which special you get, if you get a $400 an hour in the United then you would be able to see 3 Musas and you still would be saving $25 which you can use for the hotel and or a cab, not bad seeing things the way around it is a good deal.