Nov 23 2022

She is the string that holds your fate

We had some busy weeks but now we are back on track and ready to receive thanksgiving. Mexico is not that much into thanksgiving but since TJ is a border city we have many habits from the US. November is a fun month considering we celebrate both Mexican and American festivities.


When November starts we celebrate the day of the dead, according to the legend our beloved ones that have already passed away come back for a day and they are with us even tho we cannot see them. They don’t have a body now but they can taste and feel, so people put together a small altar with the photos of their loved ones and the food they liked when they lived, when they come back they can taste the food, see us and hear what we say to them.


Cemeteries are full when November 1 and 2 come. People visit and they also go with Mariachis and lots of party vibes to remember they loved ones.


Many other people have adopted this as the day of the Holy Death, you know how before we talked about Santa Muerte, the one that will come for all of us when we die. People ask Death for favors and they offer something in exchange, and they have to pay because Death is not someone you can just deceive, if she gives you what you asked for the fair if that you give her what you promised or she will take it somehow. You have to pay her somehow as Death is cruel but fair.


People also build small or big altars for the Holy Death and then they offer her flowers, cigarettes and even drugs as a way to show they trust her and want her protection. Also, they leave money for better business or work days and opportunities, but that money will be now of the Holy Death and you cannot take it back as that is something you offer to her as payment, or you have to give it back at some point as well.


Some of the ladies have their own personal space dedicated to Holy Death, last year one of them let us take a picture, now we bring another one from a different Musa lady.




Now for the updates of the agency, you can see now some changes in the sections we had to do because of the ladies joining and also trying now to do threesomes with new partners. Also, some Musas returned and are working together with us to make things better now that we are helping a former Musa thru a difficult phase with her health.


So, we accepted back Katherine because, as we said before, second chances are something we believe in, and also she is very good providing a service many are looking for and also she is very cool, great to talk to and really can teach you some new tricks if you think you are sex stud.


Threesomes with Nadia are not coming back but Nadia is still doing threesomes with Nikita and Maddy, her last threesome was actually very challenging for them 2 because they were doing Greek and it was a bunch of time nonstop doing it in a 2 hour threesome. Worth it? Well they got a really big tip for it so it was good for their pockets.


New talent like Emma, Alicia, Falon, Swan are here to promote the agency to another level of beauty. While other new talents and comebacks like Reva, Katherine, Kenia and some that will come back later will put us in high level service standard. This is hard because we have to get both super strong quality service providers and then on the other hand the model type Musas that everyone loves.


So right now we have a lineup with 2 strong sides working together, and we are happy with it because no one else has this kind of lineup.


Other young but very talented Musas stars like Cherry, Nadia, Swan, Ekaterina are still strong and can stay on pair with other well trained and experienced Musas with more years than them, clearly this talks a lot of them as a Musas provider, we are really lucky to have talented and experienced women at the same place of course.


Some changes on the website, besides the temple of course which we like to change a lot, there is a lot of things we had to replace or add.


Prices are updated with the names and also you can now see the prices for more than 1 hour for some of the ladies many were asking for. Tried to put that in the prices section in a cleaner way so people won’t confuse about it.


You can also double check the prices in each profile, can’t say we don’t say enough.


Overnight specials are now available to be seen in each profile, double check too for those who scroll down fast. Also some of the Musas started doing overnights and will be taking some action for those who want to go long.


Some of the ladies also now have recording and photos as new extra services for them, of course only the listed ones will allow it, some of the best Musas there, if they allow video record then imagine what else they will do for you.


REMEMBER, extra services will be negotiated with them, there is no permanent fee for it so it can change, from more or even to less on your favor. All depends on the lady at the end so offer a nice compensation for an extra service, they work for it at the end.


Of course there are more photos now from the Musas too as a Cherry on top of the cake… or maybe on top of you too.


So, we are now waiting for December for the Posadas, and maybe we will do one to thank Musas for their work and to try out some yummy food, probably cooked by some of the Musas that really like cooking as well. We will talk more about that later.


Take care and be good, and remember that we will keep working to be better and do better, nothing else gives out good results. Nice week!

Coshopeman: 2022-11-24 20:41:41
Nice to know more about the mexican culture, thanks
Cobe: 2022-11-28 03:16:40
Interesting way to view death, thanks for sharing it