Apr 26 2023

If you leave then pack the heat

Now that we have some free time after really busy weeks,  remember that the lineup was purged and we are now accepting new talent, and we are very happy with their feedback. Dielca, Georgiana, Anahi, Emily, Alessy, Megan and Yodi. And even some comebacks like Barbie, Fernanda, Irais (who will take again some vacations. Yes, she is that good to go out again after only 1 week). 


Liah has a new threesome partner now, she will do threesomes with Irina and still available with Maddison, they will even do foursomes.


Reva now is doing threesomes with Polly, a combination EVERYONE was asking for and well worth the wait because they are dynamite, remember that Polly made a reputation of being the top escort when it comes to service, along with Nikita and now Reva being compared with both of them in her few months here, since Nikita still won't be returning Reva took the opportunity not to compete, but to demonstrate that she is the best and takes her job seriously by joining forces with Polly and make an ultimate threesome, and that is exactly what we do here, do the best we can without taking much care to external crap, we focus in Musas and the Musas. That is why Reva is moving to the top quickly.


Reva and Polly threesome includes lesbian act, interaction between her, Polly and the brave that joins them, toys will be on them this time because they already know their way. 


The threesome club Reva has is now conformed by Irina, Sandy, Polly and Isabella which is only available for threesomes with Reva, and also an exclusive lady that will not be announced, only regular clients will be able to see her on the updates for them. 


Anahi is the New Musa Revelation, she came here because of a known friend of hers, actually more closer than just a friend but we are not going to reveal the secret. When she came her first time she wasn't ready to start working. Some months later here she is and doing beautifully.


Many of the ladies have their working hours now posted in their profiles, remember that does not mean the lady you want will be 100% available those times, she can get booked really fast or just have her agenda filled with dates already when you ask. 


The times posted are there to help you check what time/s you can accommodate and then tell us along with the options of escorts you would like to see.  Then we can check in which of your hours we can make your date work, or tell you how it looks and possibly make another move. Instead of asking 'when is she available' wich will lead to just nothing because we won't tell you her broken hours from all days of the week, we need Day, Time/s and Place so we can check the availability. 


Remember this is not a government center, this is an underground activity for both you and the ladies, and anything can happen because of that, they have to keep a secret and you too, both parties should have a plan B in case anything falls apart. Truth be told, there is nothing 100% sure in this life right?


We are allowing some more selfies now, remember still we have a TON OF MATERIAL for you to check out, including videos. With this kind of material, and even more material in our forum, Telegram Channel and WhatsApp updates for regular clients the work that has been done and still going is taking a lot of time too, but well worth it when the result is a good feedback after another and the good comments when the clients checks out who comes in his hotel room and knowing instantly she is the lady he wanted to see. 


Remember we don't just offer some ass and breasts shots or just crappy shots to say they look better in person, we give a ton of photos and also videos for the clients to check out the reality. Nothing to hide, but we did notice you also like selfies, so there you go, some more material for our beloved clients. 


We were motivating some of the laziest Musas, if they got up early instead of sleeping til 4PM like one of the most remembered Musas we called Snorlax, and the one who worked harder would win a nice trip to a very nice place, won't say who won because she doesn't want to be remembered like the Musa who sleeps til night and when it's time for her to get up the day is over and goes to sleep again. 


Nadia will take a break, she just returned but that is necessary and we recommend she does. Not going to talk about her reasons but better be sure she does ok and later on she can be back to work and keep going forward. 


Also Margareth will take some time off, Helena will still be doing threesomes with Hazel and probably will have a new partner


We have new greek providers, Dielca, Yodi, Diann Ornelas, Demy, Maddy, Lizbeth, Megan are our greek providers, even Hazel is thinking about it if she considers the price to be right, cannot promise greek from her tho. 


We will have some surprises, maybe some other new threesome combinations that will be legendary, that also involves some return that many want but still not a sure thing like we said before. Stay tuned and stay thirsty.

Neener75: 2023-04-27 13:16:15
Love these blogs! Really sad to hear Nakita won’t be coming back. But the new lineup is very solid and I’m very curious to find out who the returning ladies end up being
Monerick: 2023-04-28 09:27:58
Heard about Reva doing great, glad Musas keeps up with good quality escorts