Aug 21 2023

Blow me a kiss

Trying to take care of everything before our 9th Anniversary, right now we are waiting the news about hurricane Hillary which is said to cause a lot of rain and winds that will cause some trouble around the city because in the third world electricity is not installed as it should be, you will see that wires often are missing or just mixed with other wires and causing fires because of short circuits, so we will see how we survive this one. 


On the good side, we were already tired of the hot weather so this will bring a bit of a rest for everyone that’s team winter. Remember that rain will bring more traffic and maybe power will go off in some parts of the city if the winds go wild and the rain goes down heavily, so the best is just to wait one day for the weather to calm down. 


We are so used to traffic and rain too, but if the situation gets complicated with the rain causing too much damage to the city then maybe we will have to shut down for a day or two. This doesn’t look like a close scenario so we will just wait, remember that so far the rain this August 20th has caused more traffic but nothing more. 


We have been getting more new talent, everyone can see now that Jinna’s sister joined the Musas lineup and she and Jinna look very alike, the best part is they both are doing threesomes, yes SISTERS THREESOME and both very hot. They have been getting excellent feedback on their own, let’s see how they go on a threesome. 


Paola, one of the petite beauties will be available with Keyla, another new Musa talent and petite like Paola.  Padme too for threesomes is another combination. 


Talking about Padme, she posted in our forum about a situation that kinda worries her, because it seems that some lady outside of the Musas family is harassing her and trying to make her look bad on those telegram joints, forwarding her photos with silly messages,, she thinks even a guy is doing it which is very much laughable, so if it’s a guy that actually count as a girly dumb thing to do. 


Joselyne and Ginger are getting some attention, remember that if you like enhanced then Ginger is a great option with a fit body and a lot of discipline for the gym. Joselyne is another young fresh talent, still 


Remember that also Irina is having new partners, such as Padme, Lexie, Bast and Maddison. Julissa is another new Musa talent, also working with Irina. 


Something about her is that she loves to bake, she likes it so much that she even has the idea to sell pies when she gets a date, will publish more about her work in the forum, if someone wants an order of those delicious pies then you can order some, 10 of those for only $8 dollars, a really great price and told her to keep doing it and we can give her a hand promoting her job in the forum. A great passion from Irina. 


Some of the ladies have been interested about the UFOS and Aliens after the news of people revealing they do exist, and then they started to read about stuff like the Mandela effect, like Maddison, she says she remembers Pikachu with the tip of the tail black and shiny. Even Melissa says she felt something while she was sleeping, she thinks she got a visit from an Incubus because she felt something going from her feet to her chest, and she felt pleasure and she woke up from it, she remembered something about sexual demons and look up for it after that, she thinks that was one. 


Ana also tells that one of you do tarot reading, and during the session she was interested and it happened right there, which is a first in almost 9 years, doing tarot reading in a date is something interesting for them, don’t get it wrong, whoever did that; it was great for her believe it or not. 


Remember that the ladies love learning and knowing about many things, you can check out a lot of stuff over youtube, many of them love this channel called ‘Dross’, about paranormal and weird stuff, they like getting out of the routine talking so you can check it out and have a conversation about something you saw there, a nice tip for overnights. 


Remember to check out all the material we have, will keep working to bring new material for updates and for the forum and TG Channel, remember that we bring you literally hundreds of videos and thousands of photos, come and enjoy. 


Get some hot coffe and something sweet for these rainy days. Nice week!