May 25 2022

Backwards on a sin

Work has been going on and on, and that is what we like and want to do. Hard work always gives good results and that is what we believe in.


Right now we have to make some cleanup and talking with some of the ladies some have to go and some others made it back. Some, unfortunately for everyone, have to leave to keep on with their lives, this time Sofia will have to take another path and hopefully she will accomplish a lot of her plans.  Happy she will try her own stuff right now, if she needs a hand later she knows she is always welcome.


Her cousins will be still working, remember Cat lover Melanie is still available and she is also doing threesomes with Maddy, who constantly sends material for her fans so that is why you see a lot of her on the WhatsApp updates. She and Melanie are the only ones doing overnights and being good with going out to dinner or dancing, they are on for double dates too and they like it.


Maddy’s recommendations have been consistently good so far, remember to check out the forum.  


Diann Ornelas is back for two weeks and her special is up for the people fantasizing to be with a porn actress, the time has come again. You can find her porn material all over internet, you will get a way better idea now and she also has some short videos of her posted in her profile. Face and body pictures, all you need to book.


Ashley returned from her personal emergency and is doing threesomes with Eliza in the mornings, Eliza is a great lady with limited time but you know she will be a sure thing if she is Ashley’s friend. And now that Helena returned, her and Margareth will continue with the sisters threesome. That means that also Liz will have two threesome partners now and will be working with Margareth and Helena even doing foursomes.


Now, for those asking for Nadia. Yes, she is available full time again, for overnights and also threesomes but unfortunately we still don’t have a partner for her. Tokio Nikita was her partner but seems things won’t work out as Tokio wants to work alone for a while, remember Nadia was having a nice season of threesomes all the way and with excellent recommendations she was even the Musa of the week.


Angeline is back from her model event out of town and will be available with more limited hours. Why? She believes in taking care of herself, she practices a lot of exercise, yoga and she is practicing vegetarianism. She believes in taking care of herself and that way she can work better, be at her best and take on a good battle in all her dates.


Many noticed Arianna. Why have a Trans in the lineup? Not really something we are constantly looking for but some people were asking about when someone like Mich would be back, remember she was the only trans we had, and had many asked in the time after when someone like her would join. Not wanting to make it a norm but we have to keep improving and if that means it is time to get a shemale then a shemale we will have. Some of the beloved clients already saw her, but probably won’t post any reviews in the forum because they want to be discreet, but hopefully someone will take the lead and post one. Remember we want a healthy environment, so haters, posers and fakes will be eventually banned if they start the old lame actions again.


For those wanting the recommendations about places around the city back, if you want to eat some good Sushi and also like taking pictures of your food and post those then try Nigori Sushi, you will have a nice presentation if you order the Smoke Roll or the VIP Roll. Also try the secret dessert. Recommended for those close to the Marriott or Grand Hotel area. We all know tacos can’t be beaten, the best food and great prices you can ever find and we agree totally, but this place is a great place if you want to the Maddy and Melanie on a date.


For those who want some drinks, try the Mexologia Baja Coctail Week. Many drinks to try at that event and even better it will all happen at Quartz Hotel, so a Musa as company with good drinks is something you have to try. It will start at the end of June tho, but probably that will be a good place to try some different stuff.


Just an update for many returning clients that want to catch up. Remember the WhatsApp updates are just for clients, and the Telegram Channel is active, and we only have one.


Thanks to all, we are about to enter the second half of the year and we will continue to work hard. Nice week!

Corneli: 2022-05-25 23:10:45
I will miss Sofia, she was an excellent provider, wish her well
Corneli: 2022-05-25 23:10:45
I will miss Sofia, she was an excellent provider, wish her well