Oct 18 2022

You want my juicy red lips


Halloween comes this month and all the women will look for lingerie to use as a costume. Forget about dressing as a terrifying monster, a vampire or the devil and ask for candy on each door you see, now Halloween is full of hot ladies drinking all night long. 


Kitty is now doing duo with Daisyl, and now that she is doing some modeling as well we could add the model tag to her profile. Kitty’s sister also is here to take the lineup to another level, Luna is another busty Musa that will reinforce the greatness of the Musas list, too bad they don’t do threesomes like Margareth and Helena. 


The busty Musas are a great group as well now that Melissa returned. We know her short hair will take a point out of her but her service level is great as usual. Never had such a great lineup with the legendary busty Musas all together at the same time, with Kitty, Ana and Nefer we have one of a kind group. Maybe Luna will join that group too. 


We know inflation is taking over the world right now, and the Musas couldn’t take any less of a decent earning for their work anymore, many of them have no help or any other income from any other job or person, so people thinking they make in one day what they make in a week in other job need to review that this is not the U.S., this is a third world country where you don’t make enough in a regular job and can’t take living costs alone, much less if people have sons or daughters to take care of. Ask anyone of the so called “Godinez”, if you don’t know what Godinez are, those are people working in any company, sitting all day at a desk or doing any office work, usually those are the most well paid jobs in Mexico.


We want the Musas to have a dignified salary but also we want them all to know how important this work is, and how they must take this jobs seriously and make the best they can so they can assist to all their schedule dates, not to flake or cancel last second and be aware of the services they provide. This all takes time, a lot of repetition and explaining too. 


As much as we want the inflation to be over, rarely the living cost in a third world country returns to normal, actually rent and the cost of buying a house will go up and keep that way. Many people from the U.S. are trying to invest in Mexico because living just steps away from the border makes it easier to pay third world prices, cheap prices if you win dollars in a third world country. So bobos complaining because they want the Musas to charge $65 like 8 years ago just have to get a better job, really. 


All and all, we try to bring the best ladies, most beautiful and attractive to all, in one place only of course. 


In the chisme section, the lineup has been growing and also changing, as we get bigger with all the ladies wanting to be a Musa, the threesomes combination have lost great combinations because of cat fights. You see now Nadia is, again, looking for a partner for threesomes as she got into a cat fight with Cherry because of Katherine, and now Katherine turns out to be a rotten apple and had to let her go, resulting this in another cat fight with Nadia and Katherine breaking up as partners and if you already want the full chisme, they are not being close anymore. 


Cherry decided not to do threesomes at all, after all the drama and the fiasco because of Katherine, even tho she was very good at service inside the room. Cherry will remain as one of the best providers around, she solo will be enough for anyone. 


We have more chisme but this would involve a recent topic about sugar daddies and how some are looking for the dream of living easy, we will leave that maybe for later, but 10% of you already know the full chisme of it. 


Cold days are coming, at last the hot days are over and we can rest. The recommendation for most of the Musas' long dates is to bring some wine not beers and also get some chocolates, it creates a much pleasant atmosphere and a great way to break the ice according to most of the Musas. 


So make some Chocolate and buy a nice pan de muerto. Nice week!

These blogs are gold!: 2022-10-18 01:41:54
I really enjoy reading the blogs. Too bad about Katherine she had great reviews.
Enriq91: 2022-11-02 00:46:17
Fantásticos! En lo personal, me agrada mucho esta sección, un panorama general con un toque pícaro y divertido. Son geniales.