Apr 24 2022

Definitely not an angel

So for the people asking for the link because they were not familiar with the name having a different link now or just want a more simpler website, the old link has never stopped working but now you can just access to a new website with even some more extra material, the videos will later be visible there as well but now included in each profile. This is like the easy website for those who do not want to read a lot of stuff there or feel saturated of information, don’t want polls or other sections just adding more and more when all you want to check are the beautiful Musas.


So now we have 2 websites, if there’s still people asking: What’s the website?’ Those must be aliens.


People already noticed Angeline, and well she was one of those additions we have to think about because of people out there with the PLM worm still in, chismosos and indiscreet. A model with some nice friends, yes, and also great skills according to the comments but also in the need of the work for emergencies and personal situations. Note that model is not the same as an edecan, a whole different league.


New talent is coming, also in a high level of beauty, all this beautiful talent in one place is what many were asking.


Cherry is still waiting for a threesome partner, she is awesome alone but she is not really comfortable yet with another women, maybe threesomes but no bisexual interaction, so the best it just book her alone and have a nice time.


Melanie, Sofia and Maddy are now doing threesomes in any combination and foursomes. On the other hand, Hazel and Coco will stop working with Fernanda, you know, catfights are very common. Andrea and Ekaterina are also out of the threesome list, we will have to update that.


For those asking for telegram Channels or our presence in the groups, maybe we will think about it since there are some bobos throwing shit about us using ‘fake or misleading pictures’ or using the ‘bait and switch’, so they can mislead new clients. Really, our videos alone can prove that wrong. Since we don’t have to do unfair competition, and do not believe in that, we try to get things down to our forum or blog alone, but really gets a bit tired when people don’t give up, but thanks to the amazing people here we also can see those kind of lies, there are still good people in the world.


Do we have HK prices?

Now, for people saying we have HK prices. Really you saying that? Still we have prices from 1,600 MX, 1900 MX and 2,500 MX. Even if you try to add hotel costs and Uber you still be paying less


If you go to HK you have to spend on Uber, Hotel if you stay for the night or even if you just want to take a lady upstairs, your beer which would be at least $5,  a beer that costs less than 1 US at Oxxo store, a “Ficha drink” which is $10 and its just a smaller drink (Tequila drinks even cost more). Lets check it out.


Musas agency

A Musa for 1 hour with BBBJ: Lets say you choose a $125 one

Room for all day week days or 4 hours weekends: Mansion for $32.

Uber: From Border to Mansion, lets say $10 (actually less)

Total cost: $167.


HK Bar

HK BG for 30 minutes with CBJ : $100 (starting at, usually they want even more), if you want the full hour add at least 50%, which would be around $150, but lets say you are a hell of a negotiator and she is desperate or way too drunk and you got 1 hour for those same $100.

Room 30 minutes: $30, if you negotiated an hour then you pay $60


At this point we are only 5 dollars away.


Cum Boy tip:  $1 (if you tip the less)

Drinks for the ladies: $10 US (Tequila drinks cost double, yes REAL tequila drinks not the ones you think is tequila but mostly is water, you are welcome if you didn’t know that LOL)

Each Beer: $5

Tip for the waiter: $1

Uber:  $5 

Total cost: $182


There you have. You think is not much of a difference? But you know… You won't get an hour for $100 in HK,  You won’t just have one $5 beer and all those veteran hunters (yeah, say that in a regular bar, not a strip club), they won’t buy just one $10 ficha drink to that lady you want to fall in love with you, so no, we don’t have HK prices, where you get only CBJ (or have to spend some extra money while negotiating BBBJ or the full hour, that with another $10 ficha drink), 30 minutes of a rushed session that will end at the end at the 25 minutes mark.


You won’t even have time to take a shower or leave time for the lady to take a shower as well. That’s why they have the sink wash to only wash up their beautiful kitty.


So c’mon, HK prices? Totally false, you end up spending more there and getting drunk while she takes wáter instead of tequila.


So do we have HK prices? Au Contraire, bobos should say that HK should have Musas prices for 1 hour service. 


After the sad situation in Ukraine, many of you haven been crossing just to get some gasoline because it is cheaper, yes the gasoline is now subsidized, for now, and it will not go up as much as in the U.S., but the rest is still going up, remember the ladies don’t just buy food and pay rent, all those things you want like nice clothes, nice makeup, nice nails and the lingerie many of you ask for in your dates cost money, lingerie cost from $20 U.S. to $200 U.S. depending what type you want. We can add some more ladies at the 1,600 price, even a bit less, but you don’t want fat, you don’t want someone showing up with old dirty clothes and not even makeup right? Already talked about this in our forum, we can have those ladies working for way less, waiting for you outside the  hotels and doing all kind of dirty stuff, those that would even be paying you,  but most of you want better looking, more classy and great image.


No one complaining after seeing Angeline right? Well, there you have the best example, she came in recommended from a very known national model many saw here some years ago, she is still active but you know, there is always people with more money and she is in another level now, not even sugar daddy level, way beyond that, that is why Angeline is a rare gem even here, in an agency where beautiful ladies are the norm; sadly, the monthly period came, and she will have to take some days off.


Unfortunately, inflation in a third world country is way worse. Just take a look at Venezuela, yeah, cheap gasoline but nothing to eat there, and what you can get would cost almost the double of what we can pay in the U.S. Just know a burger cost more there, and that is why things will go up, even if its slow but we try and try to maintain as long as we can all the prices. But the hot ladies won’t be working for less for too long, that is why we keep many of them for years, legends as Ashley or Polly won’t work for less because they have many expenses too, and we don’t have any help from the government, again, just ask any of them.


It took 8 years to come to these prices, 8 years, not just from night to day.


We try to get the ladies a decent pay because many of them living on the outskirts of the city have to pay way too much for Uber, just ask any of the ladies how much they spend for Uber, people think they know TJ because they know a part of the city, mostly Downtown, Playas, Agua Caliente and Rio Zone. But have they gone inside the colonias? You might want to take some toilet paper with you.


That is why we also have to take care of the ladies, dates after 8 P.M. will be hard to get since there are many things happening to ladies in the city, not only the city but all over the country, so we have to take some precautions for that as well. Remember this goes further than just discretion now, it is sad but you just have to watch the news to have an idea of what is happening, social media too have a lot of information for the curious.


Now for the Chisme part you all want.

So there was a funny situation, people please watch your phones because if you are married or a girlfriend is all over you maybe you will have a hard time when she unlocks it while you sleep and she will see all your groups and conversations, even if you create your fake accounts and all. Yeah, that happened to someone, and even though we don’t have a memory, your phone does so just think about possibilities and avoid awkward situations.


Obviously we can’t say much because of discretion, but man, when this turns out to be personal with the clients’ families then something is really wrong. Why would we should be talking to your girlfriend? Does she want to become a Musa?


So please, buy a burner, make an agreement or just don’t book at all. Easiest is just to delete everything and that’s it, just do that, she does the same do you anyway.


Well, another chisme is the catfight with Aurora, the reason why she is not coming back, at least soon, so Margareth is now revealing loosing up and doing threesomes with her sis and now she is open to do threesomes with other ladies. As soon as some of them can come back we have some surprises.



So, having some ideas for the future so better be back for work and dinner. Nice week!

Bambam: 2022-04-27 02:08:40
Margareth has a sister?!
tonyhawks: 2022-05-14 11:55:01
nice new website, even menu were updated on some of the girls to accurately reflect what they do or don't.
Ruli: 2022-09-01 10:40:37
¿Como puedo trabajar con ustedes?