Jul 20 2023

Love me, want me, pretty babe

We have been doing a lot to bring you a shit ton of material like always, we increased the amount of material for WhatsApp updates for regular clients and also the photos and videos shown in the Telegram Channel, you can thank buffoons that say we post fake photos, and now we post a ton of photos for you to compare;  you can thank also the same buffoons saying that all those photos were heavily photoshopped (.... really?)  that we post videos now, everything has turned in your favor so you now have such an ocean of sexy material to see the Musas before booking, all this for free. Maybe we should open an Only Fans huh?


So there you go, we don’t just say: ‘Musas look better in person, we don't take glamor shots’. We prove what we have, videos are a fantastic way. 


Many of the profiles are renovated now with new photos and videos, check them out! Really good new stuff, the old photos were deleted and the videos are still available but we will have to add more. 


Our forum is  on server maintenance, apparently we already have many attachments we have to upgrade now in order to support more, because now this generation of Musas in the lineup are learning to use it, and we will encourage them to get in and interact with all, also post even more extra photos. Just hope support does well this time. 


Regina came for just a very few days, many of you saw the videos and instantly wanted to go for her, the ones that did well you gave a nice feedback, I guess she is made for small sizes but you all loved that didn’t you? 


You should also consider seeing Penelope first, as she will be available only for this week and then she has to take care of her personal stuff. After she leaves we know we will be getting old: ‘I don’t see her anymore, when will she be back?’


And after a break, Irais and Kenia are back for all the fans. I know Reva has been out of the lineup and many of you are asking when is she coming back, but we do not know and she still doesn’t know, she was working really hard and nonstop so she wanted to take a break and it is very necessary to rest, so she is enjoying some vacations for now, not going to bomb her with a request to come back, so there you go: We do not know when she will come back. 


Remember that Maddy, Estrella and Bast are still holding the line at $105, which is a GIGANTIC EFFORT to maintain a very flexible rate. 


Let me quote something that was posted in the forum: 


We have prices for the ones looking for cheap and going up on the scale.

Remember that for you, $100 USD may still be $100, but for the ladies $100 USD are not the same anymore. Some months ago $100 were 2,000 MX, now those same 100 dollars are now 1,600 MX, and considering that everything is going up, but never goes back to the old prices again, the ladies right now are making a great effort to maintain their dollar rates as long as possible.


Our dollar rates have not changed but if the living costs continue to go up and dollar to lose strength then we will have to adjust the dollar prices once more, we still give the best value for the dollar in the market looking the other way now, if you want to save and have some pesos then change to dollars and pay in dollars to save, we even have that option holding the line as much we can.


Some of the ladies have opted to adjust the dollar rate exchange already because of their living costs, such as Nikita (who will be taking a break) and Seilam, if you notice their pesos rate has not changed from the last time we were taking dollars 20x1.


There are still ladies hanging on there trying to make a strategy based on volume and holding on to very reasonable and flexible rates.






If you book them, as always have said, tip is not necessary but greatly appreciated. Help them with Uber costs, yes, Uber goes up too and they are earning less.

And yes, we do give them the option to make the change to the dollar currency and give us less than normal, we work together this way, and they are making a great effort.


They are doing the best they can, but as already told you, the dollar is losing strength and the living cost is raising, no wonder many Americans are migrating to live in Mexico because rent is much cheaper, and the problem in the third world is that nothing ever goes down again, so the ladies now have to find a solution, and probably this will be their last week holding on to $105 for one hour. It is sad but this is how things are ending up and we cannot control it. 


On better news some of the Musas are now asking to be added to the threesome partner list so they can start doing doubles, some bi curious Musas here are starting to open up about what they want to try. 


We also have new talent and hope they turn into stars. Padme and Gresly are here now and as you can see they show their pretty faces in their photos! This is some great advantage for those looking for more about how the Musas look like or looking for pretty faces, remember we do offer some face photos in the lineup, just look at: Maddy, Jennifer, Nadia, Emily, Demy and now Gresly and Padme. Lizbeth will be showing up her face too but she still hasn’t got any new photos, but she will be giving you the great surprise soon we hope. 


Remember we work hard, nothing else gives good results and have repeated this a million times now, we are not just wanting or bragging about being number one, we work a lot for that. 


All the work can be seen in the Website, Forum, Telegram Channel and also in the WhatsApp updates now showing a lot for the non clients and of course the special updates for the regulars. 


Thanks to all, and remember our anniversary is closer now!

Mr. Wolf: 2023-07-21 00:53:49
Kudos to Admin for constantly and consistently trying to enhance our experience; by doing so, Musas has position itself as the top Agency in TJ.
Neener75: 2023-07-21 14:30:44
Rate hikes seem inevitable at this point. In the US some things are coming down like gas, food and other prices. But rent costs more than mortgages, and credit denials are at all time high. So I can only imagine the pressure in a third world country. I think we’re all seeing the inevitable rate hikes for services but glad Musas is doing their best to mitigate how high it’s going