Jun 08 2023

I act so dirty in your mind

Great month full of hard work and great surprises.


As usual now, got some new talent and also some comebacks. We had to move to the purge phase again to maintain the best quality we can in the lineup. 


Of course, new talent came. 







And some still on waiting line. 


Melody has even done some porn work but she is not hardcore dedicated to it, she has lots of extras and material to share, so wait for it. 


We had to go to purge fase again, remember there is a reason we have many stars in our lineup. Who else has someone like:













All in one place TOGETHER, still left many behind like Ashley, Miranda, Nadia, as an example. Gathering amazing providers with beautiful looks and great body is something that only happens here. 


We have strong threesomes combinations right now, and that happens because we have great individual providers. 


Now, everyone is complaining how TJ is not the same anymore, everywhere they go prices are up now. It's been more than once, and more than a year ago, that we have been telling you all how  inflation in a third world country is eating everyone out. 


Everything goes up, and stays up except the salaries, prices up the skies and still 


It’s been a year now since in this same blog we made a small comparison about our prices with the prices of the most popular bar in the city, the best in the world according to many and that is why it is expensive to go there and have fun. People said our prices were reaching levels that you would only find there:


Not at all even then, but now everyone notice that prices went up for everything: 




Hotel rooms




And those are only the things you get as a tourist, but as said a year ago: 


“remember the ladies don’t just buy food and pay rent, all those things you want like nice clothes, nice makeup, nice nails and the lingerie many of you ask for in your dates cost money, lingerie cost from $20 U.S. to $200 U.S. depending what type you want. We can add some more ladies at the 1,600 price, even a bit less, but you don’t want fat, you don’t want someone showing up with old dirty clothes and not even makeup right? Already talked about this in our forum, we can have those ladies working for way less, waiting for you outside the  hotels and doing all kind of dirty stuff, those that would even be paying you,  but most of you want better looking, more classy and great image.”


Been telling you for years literally now this was going to happen, so now we are trying to hold the line and some of the ladies are doing a GREAT work with that, we still have some of them charging $105, but for how long? If you see them, remember that they are making a great effort and help them with Uber tip, not necessary but really helpful and it will make a difference. 


Look, let’s make the comparison again:


Musas agency:


1 hour with BBBJ: $105 to $150


HK bar:

30 minutes with CBJ and doll sex: 120-150 


That should be enough.


Try getting 1 HOUR for $105 at HK, even if you are holding the line at $100 that won’t happen. Don’t need to bring up the rest, like hotel cost, drinks and other stuff. 


So, did we increase the prices? More than a year ago we did, because the Musas ladies were already struggling, and then bobos and misleading wannabe competition trashtalked about it and tried to use it to bring more and more trash like:




Did you like what you saw? 


Neither did we, so that is why there are many banned bobos. Understandable now right? Mostly just 1 guy making many users tho.


And what happened next? Now we are the only ones holding the line, even some of the ladies are still charging $105! For an hour that is a steal, and they are not bottom line looking ladies, we do not try to say they look better in person than in the photos (yeah, say that with videos), we have quality Musas here.


Remember, the ladies make a great job providing all the material for extra photos for our forum, and the members also help providing some photos taken in their dates. Also the photos in our Telegram Channel and videos too are another source of material for all that like to use the app, and not to mention the updates on WhatsApp, so we do not only have the photos and videos in each profile, we have too many material for everyone to look at what we offer and work for. 


And the cherry on top is that some of the ladies show their faces in our website. So, there is too much we have to keep doing, and too much material you get to see for free. We do not charge like Only Fans for photos for you to jack off. 


Good hard work will always give good results, we are happy with it and there is more space for improvement, and we will try. 


Thanks to all the clients for the support and keep coming to us, we will try harder as well. 

Signguylover: 2023-06-15 19:28:36
This sums up exactly what I was thinking. Musas is bringing incredible value to me. Thanks for keeping it going. As a result, I vote with my dollars. Experience tells me that if you don’t, then you lose the goodness. So….ok ok, I’ll make regular deposits. Lol.