Nov 15 2023

I put the tequila in my tortilla soup

We had a lot of work to do these past 2 months and with all the energy spent in keeping the lineup together getting the blog done is something that has been lost in the memory. Back now and some stuff to catch up.


Besides Halloween, that have become just a day to go out and party dressing with lingerie, which is awesome, just the day after we celebrate the Day of the dead.


All November is taken as the month of the dead, something quite popular in Mexican culture is ‘Calaveras’ or which are poems involving Death and people, but poems that tell a short and funny story that also rimes, that is part of Mexican culture of laughing of everything, including what can be seen as sad or painful.


Mexico celebrates November 1 and 2, we all remember all the people that passed away and we raise an altar, we put some cempasuchil flowers and decorations along with the food our loved ones liked and other stuff like beer, cigarettes and we light a candle to light their way to us. The legend says that both days all the souls of our loved ones have permission to get back to earth and see us, we cannot see them but they sure can see and hear us




Also many celebrate Death, as a Holy entity that helps all the people that believes in her like saint. The faith of many people grows with time and they also leave gifts in another altar only dedicated to Holy Death, it is say that she gives you want to ask for, but you have to be careful and respectful and pay what you say you would to her in exchange for your favor. In Mexico, she is taken as a feminine entity, she has many names like ‘White Lady’ or ‘Flaca’, all referring to Death as a woman.


Some of the ladies in our lineup also have their own altar and have faith in Death as part of their spiritual life, which is something many see uncommon but this is something that has been growing in the past years among the population of Latin America.




Now you can see the lineup has several comebacks and some new talent that went out already, others have become even stars.


Alessandra, Maggi, Nicole, Alissa, Sarahi, Sophia, Adelle, Julieta as new talent and deeply happy with their service. Also some returns like, Swan, Angeline, Luna, Kitzia will be here and still don’t know for how long, you know anything can happen.


Some of the taboo services are being offered now, as an extra, by some of the ladies. Services like Photo, video recording, rimming are now available for some of the ladies like Padme, Nadia, Jinna, Lizbeth, Nicole, Bast, Adelle, Maddy.


Remember that threesome list is also growing with Bast doing threesomes now with Lexie and Polly, remember these are big words now, 2 providers doing rimming and other extras as well a lesbian show is something you need to train before you do it.


For the calmest guys other threesomes are good. Irina and Haze for example. Marissa is even looking for a partner she can do a lesbian show with, per her request she only wants someone she can interact with like a girlfriend.


Adelle has god amazing feedback but catching her could be risky and tricky, au contraire with Alessandra, Julieta, Sophia that have been very flexible with their time. It is difficult to find beautiful ladies that have enough time during the day and the first hours of the night.


Melissa is now off the roster, going on her own personal journey again, and hope she finds what she needs. Last time she had to come back and Musas will always welcome her, but this time we hope she can accomplish her plans at first try. Send her your good vibes.


Jinna is bringing back her sister for threesomes, remember this will only be for limited time so no time to waste on thinking about how long they will stay, they will do it as long as they want and that means they can stay for one day or one year.


Now, we know lines have been crazy, entering Mexico and going back to the U.S., we recommend you get to Mexico on foot and cross back on foot, guess what? PedWest will be open now from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. for those that want to make a quick visit and go back, or just don’t want to make a huge line in the afternoon after some Musas treatment.


Also, we have taken in consideration that using Otay border is easier for some, so the ladies that have the means and won’t be spending too much on transportation will be going to Otay Zone now for those that want to cross on foot via Otay, which will be a lot quicker.


Besides that, morning to afternoon dates before 5 pm are the best times for those that are not staying overnight. We are also now getting a list of the ladies that will be working Sundays, which is a good day to go to TJ without long waiting times, just keep in mind that the ladies may get booked fast.


Rainy days are coming this weekend, just be sure to come with enough time. Be safe and drive carefully. Nice weekend!