Aug 03 2022

Don't have to be X ­rated

Next weeks will be hard because many of the ladies will go off vacations or will be babysitting for their relatives going out on vacations and everything has been crazy these past weeks. Heck, even one of the Musas lost her mom during their vacations, another one forgot about her own son's graduation and some more stuff we didn’t believe possible.

Everything was burning down with so much unplanned stuff happening, even some of the ladies got health problems at the same time, and then the rest got their periods. Some help tho and they will be back in no time, some are already back. 


On some more chisme. The Musas returning from vacations, health problems and other stuff are:  Helena, Polly, Estrella, Lexie, Valery. And returning soon Fernanda, Margareth and Nadia who still have to recover. 


Beautiful face Hazel will be doing threesomes with another really pretty lady, Helena. 


We are also happy because some of the ladies also recommended us to their friends, even Arabella recommended us to another friend of hers and now Natalie is part of the lineup, excellent comments about her service so far and, of course, the model looks are very notorious. Her addition is one of the best so far, she is Arabella's friend so you can imagine she is high level.


Also Arabella will be working for some days now that she has the chance. Also Jade was recommended, she is friend’s with Angeline but not working as a model as much as her, she has a regular job so she will be available afternoons and already has some nice comments and speaks good english, but that has to be updated in her profile. 


Linda is also a nice young lady who came here because her friend told her about Musas. She is having new pictures soon so we can get rid of the selfies. Nice gym body and very nice worked out legs. Along with Tamara, she is another new Musa but she will have to take some days off due to dental work.


Even Alina returned for some days and now she will focus on getting into college and her model work. Recommended her to take her studies back after she left those for a while, mostly she will be returning for some days like Arabella, she doesn’t have a plan of when she will do it. This is what good and hard work along with some help when needed, if we can, will bring as a result; all  recommendations for new talent and comebacks are part of this agency because of that. 


Hell, even Estrella MILF came back!


On sad news, Mexico is running out of water, many places now are out of it and also we will have planned water shutdowns hoping this will save some water and people will also start treating water with a lot more respect and won’t waste it like they have been doing for years. 


Inflation is growing, Mexico is well known for Tacos right? Well, the tortilla, the base of any good taco, is reaching prices never seen before, also all basic services and food are having a price increase. Gasoline is not reaching yet a high increase but is slowly growing, the problem with the third world is that everything goes up but economy doesn’t grow at all, this is a sensitive topic for many living in Mexico because it ends up in politics there is always a big fight about it, just like Soccer and religion, if you try to understand Mexican culture, you have to think about these three topics in a dogmatic way, but the worst of all three is politics, you know, politicians ruin almost everything good in Mexico. 


Water is running out, but when the shutdowns start the hotels will still have water for showers, so it will be safe to book your favorite place and have al services included as always.

Anonymous: 2022-08-05 16:18:07
I wonder if the planets align, could there be an Arabella-Natalia threesome?
CADragon: 2022-08-08 15:50:59
Jade? You mean, Jane?
Antonio: 2022-08-10 20:30:01
No me contestan esta disponible Angeline?