Feb 08 2023

Breathe it in so deep until you feel the burn

Month of love is here now, we also celebrate Day of the Candelaria, who ever got that little toy in the giant Rosca de Reyes, that giant bread with donut form, has to bring some tamales for everyone. Also there is the day of the flag, we remember the ideals that represent our flag which are freedom, hope, unity and and red represents the blood of the heroes who fought for Mexico independence.


Valentines day is close and hopefully motels are not too crowded and we can celebrate with a nice musa session. We also will see what everyone calls a livestock, this refers to everyone having affairs and cheating on their boyfriends/girlfriends, especially women because women can choose and men just have to work hard to have more than one girlfriend, many women tho will pass Valentines day with the official boyfriend with the money that the sugar daddy will give her or already gave.


If you want to know if you are just the sugar daddy ask her to put a photo on her Instagram stories and to post that you are the love of her life, face and full body not just a picture of 2 hands holding each other. A photo hidden in the middle of a thousand stories doesn’t count, it has to be only one or more stories about you. Thank me later.


Now, for those asking for gorditas with pretty faces we will have some additions and see how it goes, we know that the vast majority ask for slim girls but we will try to bring more and more variety for all tastes. Still we will have some additions for those that like flacas.


Reva got a new threesome partner, her and Irina are getting amazing feedback with her job on threesomes, they use toys and also do the whole bi session with interaction between them and the client that dares to try it. Their solo session are also getting good comments, they are responsible and reliable with good service standards, glad to have them on board!


Daniela won’t be announcing herself as a porn actress anymore as she was told she had to change that, but as said before she is brave enough to want to keep working if it means a lower rate and a different name, per her decision too. She is not a second rate girl so it is obviously a better deal compared to before when she was still announced as a porn actress.


Cherry is still thinking about returning but she is trying to make it on her own way first, you can also thank that dumbass we mentioned in the forum, we also mentioned she went thru a terrible situation and she is still recovering but doing it like a brave woman and maybe later she will reveal what happened to the clients, happens to be a hard situation but she is doing alright and maybe later she will need some help but she wants to feel how is it to do things for herself all along.


Valentina, Abril, Lucia, Allison also joined the ranks to make the lineup more awesome, Abril is another lady that has photos and video recording as extra service, we also had to let go Keyla because she just didn’t want to work as she said she would, we wish her well but we have to move on and so does she.


Irais, Aline, Ana, Daniela, Melissa, Miranda, Kitty, Luna , Nefer and Margareth together has make us have a great lineup with a great number of busty Musas. Remember to check out all their extra services.


Remember to check out the forum for some useful information and hundreds of reviews. Nice week!