Apr 03 2024

Don't be blowin' up my phone

Long time the blog hasnt been updated but, as usual, we had a lot of work to do. From the new year vacations to Valentine’s Day and Spring Break and Semana Santa Holiday in Mexico, so we need to catch up with some stuff.


First off, probably you already noticed the Colombian trinity we have now. Must admit that admitting again from Colombia was hard but had to give it a try since we cannot let a few ones ruin it for the others, it was a pleasant surprise to check that Pamela, Aiday and Aisling have received very good comments from the people we have been asking about, so we have no doubts on recommending them now that they have been great elements the past weeks.


Probably you noticed Tasha here, well this was another case of PLM which we do not approve, but why? Well… she makes the fine example; she is just back here, after being married, but with a new house. Not bad for her tho.


Another example we have is also Cherry, we are not against the ladies having a relationship, but being honest, even living together is not what you would expect to be a real companionship if what they love is the bills getting paid and they having all the rest of the money they earn for themselves while they still work. This is only bad for mongers that insist on finding love in prostitution.


By the way, they agreed to let this to be published, sorry guys.


We have another side of the coin here, example, now one of the ladies needs to take a break because Brayan here saw she needs to work to get some money for rent and food, she needs to work because Brayan doesn’t help her at all but he won’t let her. This time we have to tell the Musa, just get some pants and tell Brayan to go f*ck himself because he is not helping at all, these cases are common and very sad because they fell for the wrong guy.


What many call: Real Mexican Boyfriend, is real, Brayans are real and douchebags.


On other news, check out Ale; she has been getting good comments too, but she needs better photos, she doesn’t receive the attention we want and we noticed that happens a lot when their photos are bad, have to say it, the lady could be a gem but with bad photos she remains buried and no one can see the beauty she really is.


We have a new Melissa, we know she has big shoes to fill but we have faith. She is pretty and have good images, hesitant at first to show above her shoulders but everyone knows we want to make things right here and protect their privacy too.


Rubi is totally new, we have still to get some feedback from her but we will be waiting for it.


I know many are still asking for Ariel and also Angeline. Sad to inform that most probably they will not be back here, the whole point of them working in an agency, specifically in Musas is that we do filter heavily the clients, cover their transportation when something goes wrong and even cover their dates if needed or part of them it we evaluate the situation, protect their privacy and identity and also give them publicity outside of Mexico, well they think this has no value and they do everything; we know they do give a service to the clients, but we give a service to the clients and the ladies. Just need to listen to some independent ladies that have dealt with danger like assaults and physical harm, things are not going well in the country and much less in the most dangerous city in the world, but we really try hard to avoid that, we don’t care if people say we are assholes for banning people for simple things as not reading the booking process, we do it because if people cannot have the education to read, at most, 5 minutes the booking process then we do not think they have the education to treat a lady right for a whole hour, and we avoid the danger for them. So that way of thinking is not only wrong about stealing money they agreed to pay to an agency for the work, but also is a huge red flag that they could potentially steal from clients.


People want honesty and we are brutally honest when needed, about ourselves, about our service and what we offer, about the clients and haters (of who we could tell you more if needed), our forum has the proof. And now we have to be honest about the ladies.


There is nothing wrong with that, we still need to tell this because in the past everyone could talk shit about Musas and we didn’t even answer to that, but we think we better start talking and let everyone know that we do not mean any damage, but don’t try to damage us or we will have to tell our version too and that most probably won’t be nice.


Now on happier news, remember Irina was collecting toys for Dia de Reyes? She is doing it now again for April 30, she will be going out to give toys. You can donate toys and give it to her directly on a date, you can also give the toys to Bast or Polly because they will join the cause too, you can even just arrive and don’t book a date but just give the toys to the ladies. She will also be baking to get some extra money for the toys.


Now, we just made a joke for April’s fools, but had quite some reactions and even some people and even agencies contacting us. Just telling Musas was for sale and well, we can see who are checking us, no wonder now saying Time and Place is standard by some that even used to criticize us telling we treated people bad responding with these requirements and sending them to read, now they are doing the same, I’m happy you are now using Musas standards, but as we always say, only hard work give good results, we have been working for almost 10 years, creativity cannot be copied either. Well, this is just basic stuff no need to be all sensitive about it anyway, treat everyone with respect and you will be good.


We hope this first quarter of year treated you all well, let’s keep working to make this 2024 great.





Salvatrucha 48: 2024-04-03 11:20:00
Did you mean Sex Toys or Toys for kid ?? I am still guessing…. Hummm still have a couple of dildos if ladies don’t may
Finny: 2024-04-04 20:30:08
Love the blog updates. Wish there was a “threesome” update from the previous blog tho.