Sep 08 2022

And just let the beat bump

Our anniversary comes this month and we are still trying to figure out how to beat the Water Temple in this famous videogame, Ocarina of Time, we said screw that and back to work having now some more threesome and foursome combinations with some well know Musas.


Returning talent is also now available, if you remember Anira and Bunny, both great elements and also Seilam who is now having a hard time finding the time for her dates. Another Musa that is having hard times is Cherry, she  opened for threesomes and foursomes as you can see, but you will have to get in line to see her after she got some nice reviews and photos in her reports. She is photo friendly as many saw. 


Some asking who is the busty Musa returning, you already saw Kitty in the lineup again, but she is not the returning Musa but she is welcome any time, we are referring to another big chichis lady that had a lot of reviews about her service. We already have 2 DDD Musas, who else will have 4 Musas with DDD size, that is just INSANE. 


Nikita is now doing threesomes and also foursomes with Cherry and Nadia again, as well as foursome, along with foursomes with Polly and Ashley. Combos never seen before. 


Ekaterina is also back, with a friend for threesomes, both new at the time for 3ways but we will have to see how they do. Also, Margareth is still available for threesomes with Helena, and Helena is also working the times to do threesomes with Hazel. 2 beautiful face Musas together. 


Nairobi, Romy, Maddison, Coral are new talents bringing us new vibes and comments. Overall, the work done forming this lineup has been big, hard and satisfactory, that is why the Musas lineup is on the top with beautiful ladies. 


Irais is still far away but she will come back too, she just needs some time for her and her spirit. Angeline also returned from her hippy vacations. Is this a new trend?


September is also the month of Mexico's independence day. Many times have talked about how bad the situation is in Mexico as a third world country, and we can keep talking about it but I think it's time we talk about some good stuff. We have, of course, tequila, nice strip clubs, great gastronomy, Musas and much creativity. We should see other things that happen in Mexico, really. 


The al pastor tacos was chosen as the best dish in the world. And you should go out of the downtown zone, Rio Zone, El Gordo tacos and Las Ahumaderas to try really awesome tacos, the most amazing food is always in the insides of the colonias, but try the Tacos Varios at 5th street on Revolution, nice tacos made of various typical mexican dishes, great closeup, try them in the afternoon. 


A big part of the september month you will find mexican parties called “Kermes”, those are celebrated at night, with lots of typical mexican food called “antojitos”, you will find Pozole, Enchiladas, Flautas, Tacos Dorados, Quesadillas, Sopes. Antojitos include mostly fried food so it will make you fat in no time but those are really delicious, and no wonder why 70% of Mexico is fat. We know it's not healthy but you know Mexico is a cheerful country and full of happiness, part of that is because of the  amazing food. Other local celebrations like carnivals and posadas can be seen in other months of the year. 


Really hot weather will end soon according to the weather forecast, next Friday will be rainy. Past days have been really hell and with the heavy traffic in the city, bad infrastructure and even more badly with the water shutdowns everything has been feeling wrong. Waiting a long time in traffic with such a warm weather has been horrible, that is why we recommend you try Uber and cross back walking if you have sentri. Staying in close love places from the border and everything is easier in this city. 


For the chisme part, Maddy is happy that she finally got her stuff together and got a new car with her job. She is still saving up and trying hard so she was able to finally show her new present to herself but not all ladies saw that with glad eyes. Which is sad because Maddy did it all with her own work and trying hard, taking all the work she could and just working with Sofia and Melanie when they were available. She was showing pictures and everything and some ladies got jealous, but hey, this happens everywhere, remember Musas has a lot of haters now. 


Always have said, hard work gives good results, nice week!

tonyhawks69: 2022-09-17 20:44:35
Recommend that show cyberpunk edgerunners on netflix, with the english dub on , got alot of famous voice actors like Giancarlo Esposito from breaking bad.