May 08 2022

You know that I can never say no

We decided to try some comebacks, of course the ladies were not planning to return so we had to offer some incentive for them, very popular ladies when they were announced in our lineup, but this is not something we will always do or try constantly. Why? Because this work is to help them do something better, finish school, build their house (which is something really hard to do in this third world country, with such low payments in any other work), get better job opportunities as they advance with their life. This is not something we want them to be a part of all their life, they have to move on and so do we, especially PLMs.


We will have some surprises tho, and as you can see Nikita is already back.


This leads to a mention of the last blog post, some people saying we were justifying our prices, well, we don’t have to justify our prices, the ladies or any agency charges what they want and that’s it, we have a good lineup, beautiful ladies, amazing Escort Stars and some are considered legends, who else has this? What was said in the last blog post is we do not have HK prices, try to get an hour there starting at $100 and not 30 minutes which turns out to be 25 minutes with the knock on the door and then we can talk. We will have some surprises tho, and as you can see Nikita is already back.


For the Telegram users asking for some action, we created a channel with even more material now.


Adding videos directly in each profile in the new website now, you won’t have to go out of the website to look at them, also some new ones are being posted.


We believe in hard work, and that is why we have all of this: Forum with over 4,000 extra pics, Blog, Videos, WhatsApp updates and now TG updates too. Hard work is what we do and we work together with the ladies. Who else does this much? Musas has been working a lot, not just telling we are the best for no reason. Still there are bobos saying we try to use fake pictures, right, fake as Canelo Alvarez wins including the one he will probably get later today.


Angeline and Alina are not working together soon but maybe, only maybe a new model will join. You know once in a while a lady in another level will come, but this time the surprise was double, hopefully we will have a 3 hit combo. Where else? We are happy to work with the ladies and they recommending us to this point. Unfortunately, Angeline don’t want to send videos, she will have do to some work out of the country and wants to keep everything as discreet as possible for her career.


Now, Ana will be back on Monday for those asking about her return. She is a revelation and nice addition for curvy and DD lovers. Sofia unfortunately will be taking some days off, her threesome partners are still available, Maddy and Melanie, for those asking what small gift is good for them, anything about cats will do, that drives them crazy.


Many are asking if Cherry would do threesomes with Nadia, they want them because they have similar bodies and their services are both good, difference will be personality, but both horny queens so there is no way to go wrong with them. Check out their new videos too.


By the way, Cherry is a Marvel fan, along with other Musas, they don’t recommend the new Dr. Strange movie.


We will continue to add some updates, right now we are still working about getting some details done from the new website and probably will merge the 2 websites in the near future. Thanks to all for the support and hope to keep improving more and more every day. Thanks!

Fredy villegas: 2022-05-08 08:49:56
What about Mitzy?
Melondouche: 2022-05-18 00:38:31
I saw Angeline 2 weeks ago, I can see why she is a premium girl and why the cost, totally worth each penny, she is not model material, she IS a real model in real life, thank you.