Sep 12 2023

There's trannies eating cupcakes in cartoon world

September is our anniversary month, we are happy that after all these years our beloved clients are still making us feel like this was the first year with lots of new things to learn and lots of messages regarding they having a good time, and of course the beautiful Musas.

We are blessed with such a lineup right now, and more want to join.

Rosario is the newest Musa, and she came highly recommended from various ladies, really beautiful for all you that want skinny tight ladies.

Marissa returned, screw it we are going to start talking about all the bullshit now. For whatever reason sometimes the ladies don’t know better, that is the reason Marissa left, other sites want them to treat them like if they were an object they can possess, which is dumb stupid. They can work anywhere they want, fair enough we all have rules but if the trashtalk and making them quit other places is not good.

You have to check the threesomes available, first off we have Jinna & Stacie available for real sisters threesome. People with doubts, well only when you see them you will understand how undeniable the relation is.

Also updates the threesome list, Irina and Padme have good partners now and also doing threesomes with the new talent.

Unfortunately, Padme will have to take some days off because she has to recover from an accident and her mobility is not good right now, she needs to recover and even though she is a hard working young woman and she wishes to continue she also knows that her health is more important for her future, so we send her our best wishes and we know she will return with lots of energy and with all her enthusiasm to learn.

Marissa is already reviewed in our forum, but now that Paola and Kayla joined the party and even the brand new petite Rosario is in this is becoming a mad house with all the beautiful ladies doing doubles.

Irina is on for more threesome partners but she wants to focus on Lexie and Bast, she did threesomes with Nadia as well but she didn’t felt it, she is selective so that is good. Her and Sandy are getting way to good feedback to pass a mention about their work, I know Sandy is a great provider with a bubbly personality so she is a great option for threesome or solo.

September is also No Fap September month so you guys have to hold back and keep the beast locked. Beautiful Musas are here for that, don’t need to get your hand tired.

Also September is the Mexican month of independence, all September month we have Mexican nights and Kermes. Basically people reunite and make a big Mexican party to celebrate and remember all month the heroes that gave us the chance to be an independent nation. Of course, Mexican food called antojitos is all you need there with lots of hot salsa. Google up antojitos mexicanos and you will understand why we love Mexican nights and the Kermes.

September 15th we celebrate at midnight with the independence cry given by the president, were we remember all the independence heroes we know and thank the anonymous heroes as well. Remember our values and hopefully all the Mexicans remember what made Mexico great.

Sometimes this doesn’t last long but we have hopes Mexico can be better.

Hope you all have wonderful month, we celebrate many things too. Keep the good vibe!