Jan 19 2024

In your hot pants and high heels

We had a hard time saying goodbye to 2023, but here we are trying to make the best now of 2024 already. A lot has happened and we are still trying to keep the lineup together, literally the more we work on the side of women the less we understand them but that is just part of the game.


Remember all those threesome combinations many of you liked so much? Well many of them are no more because of catfights and even former Musas left because of that.  Remember Emily and Katherine? Well, gone because of a catfight. Recent breakups are Padme and Irina, which really bad because they were good together but some Musas do have to work on their personal stuff before working with someone else. Also Marissa decided to stop working with Kitzia because she feels she needs to improve her English first so she can be on pair with her, both are excellent ladies working alone and they were doing good on the threesomes with more than good feedback but Marissa feels she has to be on pair on each level; including English, which is very surprising but also is something good since she wants time to improve even more.


Yodi and Sophia also got into a catfight, we have to say goodbye to this combination which is really bad, they were good.


On the other hand, we have also new combinations like Irina & new Musa Lilian or Lexie & new Musa Lilian, both Irina and Lexie are trained by Polly so you know those are good elements and great teachers as well for new talent.


Bella just joined 2 days ago and reports say she has a very pretty face.


Cherry returned and will be working maybe for a brief time, we don’t know if sugar daddy will be back, notice that sugar daddies are backing off now that situation in California is getting out of control, but


Our lineup starting 2024 looks good, we have real models like Swan and Angeline, real college students like Maggi, Alessy, Ashley, Kitzia and Marissa, real professional massage therapists like Lizbeth and Julieta, we even have a real school teacher like Sarahi and even beyond; Zoe is a real police officer working only at Musas.


Who can say the same? This is no luck; we have worked for it.


We are happy with all the results and this year will be our 10th anniversary and we are planning to celebrate big. Maybe we will make some invitations. We will think about it; we still have many months left.



We reached 14,000 members in our forum. Thanks to all and keep sharing your  ‘REAL’ experiences, it helps a lot other members that can’t decide which Musa to see.


Irina asked for help to the members of our forum, and many of you helped sending or delivering toys to her directly, she collected more than 100 toys and then she went to the outskirts of TJ and gave those toys to families with low incomes that couldn’t afford toys for January 7, which is another Holiday we celebrate with what we call Rosca de Reyes, the toys as a gift represent the presents the 3 wise men gave to Jesus as a newborn. So she went with her friend Reva, which many of you still remember and want her to come back, and delivered all those toys. Not satisfied they went and got another 100 toys when the first 100 were delivered.


Happy to see that Musas resources and clients are doing good for others.


Remember we have, literally, hundreds of photos and videos on the website in the models section, also some hundreds more in our Telegram Channel and Thousands in our Forum.


We will continue to grow and do more and more things, hope you all have a great 2024 and don’t be sugar daddies.


Mr. Wolf: 2024-01-20 03:25:13
2023 was a good year and now rooting for 2024 to be even better. Although, currently, I’m half the world away, I’m keeping with the tradition of checking on the forum , WA and TG to keep updated on what’s going on with Musas. The lineup, as always, is strong. Some musas decided to come back and some planning to go, stayed. Hope that when I return I’m able to see some of the current lineup, ATFs, or new talent. Wish continued success to the Agency, the musas, Admin (David and Víctor)….and that we all “keep the hobby alive!!!”
Jman: 2024-02-23 21:13:04
Just finished meeting Keyla,, and I was very satisfied, she was pleasant and made me feel like we've known each other for awhile, no rush and well worth the time,,, I will have to meet her again...