Jul 02 2022

Heels come marching in

Finishing a very busy month. As you can see, some very talented and wanted Musas came back and are now again with us. Some new talent also joined, Yaremi and Diana, and no matter, more will come as we need them. Maybe even another model will join, she is one hell of a surprise but she still not sure, where else this can be? Musas gentlemen. 


The Musas ladies have a new tendency. As you know, many of them have other jobs they need to take care of, and they wear uniform such as Nurse, Cop, Dentist and Gym instructor. Well sometimes they don’t have time to go back home and change clothes, or sometimes they forget their normal ones so they have to go to a date with what they have, and many clients opened the door and were surprised, specially with the Cop uniform. Miranda had a funny yellow nurse uniform and it was like walking giant chick. 


Even with other jobs, the ladies need to make some extra income for their needs and family, remember not only they need to study, they help other relatives and that is why we try to work hard. We all get benefits, yes, but this is way bigger now helping many people now. We know this because this week was graduation day


As many can check now, Maddy added recording as an extra service, she won’t allow face tho, that is something you can negotiate with her. Diann Ornelas also had the recording as an extra service but it seems the porn company didn’t allow that for her at the end, and that is ok, she can choose whatever is best for her and she found that she can do both working here and doing porn without problem, we are not closed to talk like civilized people and come to a nice agreement, she is still here for a few days. 


And talking about being civilized, we already said before we do not want to join any TG group, and if after this someone is hurt, well go to therapy and have a nice life. Not interested in following up with silly games which involve throwing shit and making fake users just to give up “bad publicity”, we don’t need to do that and we don’t need to fake stuff, our forum already has hundreds of reviews and people are still trying to say we write all of those? Well…people already know the answer. 

We believe and work hard and that is the only reason we do well. We don’t want and don’t need to join any group to just trashtalk. Not interested in fights with other forums or people with sensitive self esteem, that is why we won't join any TG groups. If people don’t like Musas then you are welcome to go away, but making fake users and throwing shit and lies as much as you can, that is pathetic. Thanks to the people wanting to give us the chisme, we know you want to help but sometimes it is just better to keep up the hard work and move on. 


In some relevant news, the new talent like Fauna, Diana, Yaremi, Venecia, Nefer and Vanessa are here and hope for a long time. Vanessa is doing thressomes with Helena and Margareth) 


Maddy and Melanie will probably have another threesome partner, we don’t know yet if the other lady will join, she is thinking about it, for now the duo will keep working and for now Sofia won’t be returning. 


Hazel is also thinking about having a new threesome partner, Fernanda is still there for a double with Hazel but recently some of the ladies are having the bisexual bug poking them. Is something hard for them, they have to feel very comfortable and know a bit, at least, the other lady and maybe they will interact, but we are not promising anything. Never have tho. 


People have been getting a lot more updates lately, and we will upload more videos to each profile, I don’t think we have to remember all how much material we show for your bookings (even if some can’t get over it), but TG, WA, Forum, Profiles each have something to see and we will get some more just because the Musas like to show more. 


Cherry will have more time now to make dates, she had to keep up a promise to the Santa Muerte and keep working in another place, and she is doing it. Remember how we spoke about Santa Muerte in other blog posts? She also has respect for her and pays for the favores she grants her. Other former Musas also believed in Santa Muerte, and you can see their devotion when they clean and take care of the altar they raise in the name of Death. A very interesting reading if you decide to look up for some information. 


We know that the hot weather is such a nuisance, but take this as an opportunity to go eat some nice seafood. You know, Mariscos are a nice way to start an overnight, hot seafood and some oysters before you head back to your room. The only 2 Musas that go out with the clients for dinner and dancing are Melanie and Maddy, as well Diann Ornelas. The recommendation is Lion Fish, if you want to go with some company or just want to eat fresh and have a cold beer to calm down the heat. 


Bring lots of water and eat your veggies, weather will not cool down soon. Nice weekend!